Break the Ice
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This video targets amphetamine use within the Gay and Lesbian Community. The resource has been produced by Peninsula Health, in partnership with the Australian Drug Foundation, Access Point Stimulant Treatment Centres, Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria,the Victorian Aids Council and Casuarina Media.

'Break the Ice' tells six personal stories, interwoven with expert commentary, to inform people who use drugs recreationally, and their family and friends, to recognise the signs of problematic drug use.

The resource has been specificaly designed to address drug-related harm within the gay community. It is designed to be viewed by, and inform, gay and lesbian people who use drugs, their friends and family.

**Note: 'Break the Ice' features content that some people may find confronting, It is designed for an adult audience. Break the Ice is not designed to be viewed by children or adolescents. It should not be viewed in a school environment.

We have divided the DVD into it's chapters to allow for easier viewing and finding material that is relevant for you.

Bluebelly is proud to be chosen to host this video resource.

Break the Ice 1 - The Scene

Break the Ice 2 - The Drug

Break the Ice 3 - Reasons For Use

Break the Ice 4 - Problems

Break the Ice 5 - Coping

Break the Ice 6 - Crashing

Break the Ice 7 - The Other Side

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